Monday, March 9

silly Monday fun!

I've always been fascinated by linguistics, so I do take more than a passing interest in the verification word that occasionally pops up when I comment on your blogs ☺ I've listed a few below along with my explanation. For this you must use your imagination a little... thyper - a hyper kid with a lisp unfrie - it isn't free! reinging - German. past tense of 'rein gehen'. Engl. transl. to go in macurani - southern Indian noodle specialty frenzld - this is how I feel and look after shopping for groceries, cooking, washing up, ironing a week's worth of shirts, translating a text on the benefits of wearing orthopaedic shoes, and tutoring unruly 10-year olds! Isn't this so much better than Esperanto? *the caption reads - had a good laugh yet?


  1. Ha! I never thought to make up meanings for those words. I like "frenzled".

    (the word below is "sulver". I say it means, "tarnished silver".)

  2. they are pretty funny. I like your take.

  3. I feel frenzld too every time I did those things!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one amused by the verification words on blogger! LOL!

    Guess what! I left you something extra-special over at my blog today. Hope you'll check it out!


  5. Very fun and enjoyable!! I like how you did that!

  6. How funny! I like your explanations!


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