Wednesday, December 9

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

picture taken with smartphone

The Christmas Pyramids are one of the favourite products of the German Erz Mountains. Pictured is the giant version. (The figurines are revolving, therefore the image is a bit wobbly.) Typically people have a table top version that comes in various sizes from one to six tiers. When the candles are lit it creates a unique festive atmosphere and spreads warm light all over your living room.
Weihnachtspyramiden aus dem Erzgebirge sorgen für eine besonders festliche und gemütliche Stimmung in der Advents- und Weihnachtszeit. Oben seht Ihr ein gigantisches Exemplar. (Da sich die Pyramide dreht ist das Bild etwas verwackelt.) Für den Tisch zuhause gibt es sie von eins bis sechs stöckig. Die ruhige Drehbewegung sowie die detailreichen Figuren schaffen eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre.

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  1. Hallo liebe Duni,
    ja, diese Pyramiden gehören für mich sei meiner Kindheit mit dazu zu Weihnachten. Ein prächtiges Exemplar.
    Viele liebe Grüße, Synnöve

  2. My friend was just telling me about these over the weekend! I really want to see one in action.

  3. I've seen pictures of these before but never one for real. Would love to see one working. This one is impressive

  4. My aunt had one of these on her table at Christmas. (My mom's side of the family is German.) I loved it as a child.

  5. How beautiful! I imagine children and adults both enjoy cute tiers. These must look pretty in a home all lit up at night.

  6. Beautiful!

    So, I'm curious. What did Sammy do to get in trouble???

  7. Hey! I'm a new follower all the way from Thailand! Where is this in?

  8. How pretty! My in-laws were just in Germany and they took pictures of all of the Christmas decorations. I'd love to have something like this. :-)

  9. Very cool! I've never seen a photo of one that big before.


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