Monday, June 20

Working on a romper/Prototyp Kurz-Overall

Rompers or one-piece-suits seem to be all the rage for summer this year! I feel ambivalent about this particular style. On one hand I get that I need to cater to customers wishes to some extent, on the other I'm not sure this style is as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be! And that is really my priority when I'm creating my pieces. The feedback I hear most often about my clothing is "wow, this is so comfortable", and that is music to my ears. Anyway, I'm hoping to perfect my romper pattern to make it not only feminine, but comfy to wear too! The armholes need adjustment and I will add a self-belt to complete the look.


Der Kurz-Overall ist allem Anschein nach der Trendartikel des Sommers! So ganz überzeugt mich dieser Schnitt aber nicht ~ trotzdem arbeite ich seit einiger Zeit an einem Modell für meine Homewear Linie, da ich mich ansatzweise an die Kundenwünsche anpassen muß! Nach wie vor hat für mich hoher Tragekomfort Prioriät, deshalb hat meine Version des Kurzoveralls keinen zentralen Reißverschluß (oder eine Knopfleiste), sondern eine elastische Taille sowie ein legeres Oberteil in Wickeloptik, welches beim Tragen geschoppt wird (wie ein Blouson). Eventl. füge ich vorne zwei Brustabnäher hinzu und mindere die Armausschnitte. Ein Stoffgürtel vollendet dann das Outfit. Mal sehen ob ich es bis zum Sommer hinbekomme :)

till then,
bis bald mal wieder,


  1. The romper prototype is super cute!! I used to love to wear these and one of the things I look forward to when I reach my goal weight is a cute, yet comfortable outfit.

  2. Hello Duni! Thank you for the encouraging words you left in my blog. I will detail everything soon.

    This is a new style in your collection. Your romper is beautiful and unique. It's overlapping neckline is something I don't see in romper available in the market.

    I love your idea of using the feedback of your customer as consideration in doing your next design. It's the best input you can consider. Perhaps you can expound and capitalize on this practice more, you can extend it in your blog or even construct an online survey.

    Have a great week!

  3. actually.. i just bought a romper recently. It is so comfy.. i wanted to wear it all the time :) Its in a light jeans like material but its very light.

    Yours is pretty cute!

  4. I LOVE rompers! I wear them constantly. Love the prototype!


  5. Your prototype is so cute! I haven't worn a romper in years but loved them! I have a ways to go before I can get this body romper ready though! :)

  6. Sieht schon mal sehr ansprechend und bequem aus und ist gut durchdacht. Viel Erfolg beim tüfteln.:-)
    LG Annette

  7. Love rompers and this one is really cute

  8. I used to wear rompers when I was pregnant, but they had empire waistlines. They were soooo comfortable!! I love yours!

  9. Meine liebe Duni,

    der Overal sieht sehr schön und luftig aus! Die Farben, die Du immer auswählt gefallen mir wahnsinnig gut!
    Übrigens, die Schlafmasken finde ich Klasse. Werde mich diesbezüglich nach meinem Urlaub bei Dir melden. ;o)

    Hab´noch eine schöne Woche!
    Alles Liebe,

  10. I agree with everyone else here. :) It's really cute and looks very comfortable! :D

    Our styles are a bit different, so I think I would probably accent the femininity by a higher waist, but that's me. :) Your designs are always lovely! <3


  11. Der ist wunderschön!
    Liebe Grüße Miriam

  12. Neat idea, Duni! I can't wait to see the final result.

  13. Hej Duni,

    grüß Sammy zurück ;O)

    Die Stoffe, die Du verwendest, finde ich superschön!!!!

    Viel Spaß weiterhin beim Exprimentieren....

    GGGGLG Katja

  14. Duni! It is so pretty!! My girls wear them.. and I do get jealous that they aren't in my size.. lol.. I would totally wear this! so cute!

  15. Ich erinnere mich genau, mit 17 war ich im Overall-Fieber und habe mir zwei lange und 3 kurze genäht. Die ganze Saison habe ich nichts anderes getragen. Und was soll ich sagen... Ich mag mag sie immer noch. Dein Modell ist besonders schön!

  16. Rompers are cute and your prototype is really cute BUT I have never been able to find a romper that is comfortable to wear. I have a long torso and every one I have tried seems to be made for women with normal to short torsos. If I were to make this it would have to be in a fabric with some stretch with maybe a blousey overhand on the waist that hides a little extra room. I much prefer separates that can be worn together to get that romper look.


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