Tuesday, May 3

Work in progress - Pajama Set

Many a customer asks me how long it will take to have a custom pajama set made. Well, excluding ordering, pre-washing, ironing and cutting the fabric (and not working on anything else) it will take an entire weekend.

Also, all seams are professionally finished or serged as we say in the sewing biz. All of my handmade items take time, and before I list anything the pieces are scrutinized before being put up for sale. That is probably the reason why I'm hesitating to outsource, although I could really use some help at this point.

Currently, I am offering sizes small, medium and large per style. I would love to have three sets of each size. At the beginning of this year one of my goals had been to have 50 items listed in my shop by the end of April. Didn't make it. Anyhow, unless I outsource, it will take weeks, if not months. But isn't that distinctive of handmade products?

Btw, which wig do you prefer? Brunette or Blonde?


  1. Hello Duni! Outsourcing is a growing trend in businesses today. Companies outsource because they find it cheaper and more efficient to use other companies to do a specific task. This is the primary consideration in outsourcing. If you think someone else is better in doing the job and it becomes more costly for your company to do the job, then might as well considering outsourcing. As you have said, all your products are handmade and its your business' main strength and selling point. If I were in your shoes, I will also be reluctant in resorting to outsourcing. It's hard to entrust "quality" to an external source.

    I know with your talent, creativity and perseverance you will be able to get through. Good luck!

  2. I wouldn't have known those were mannequins if you hadn't asked about the wigs! I like both blonde and brunette... it's always a bit creepy to see those weird bald mannequins/heads!

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Hmn...I think the blonde might be less distracting to your color palette.

    Ep. Outsourcing= NO! Unless you really, really want to depart from handmade don't do it. I suppose there's no wrong in gradually building a business to that point, and that will be a choice you'll have to make. But, if you want to remain a handmade business and expand, perhaps you could seek out a partner with equal sewing skills and ideals?

  4. Hallo meine liebe Duni, vielen Dank für Deine lieben Zeilen auf meinem Blog! Du hast mir auch den Tag versüßt! ;o)
    Ich freue mich sehr , dass Du an meiner Verlosung teilnimmst und drücke Dir die Daumen!
    Der Pyjama sieht ja schön aus. Ich finde beide Damen passen gut zu der Farbe und dem Muster des Pyjamas.
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  5. Übrigens hätte ich auch nicht gedacht, dass es Schaufensterpuppen sind.
    Sie sehen sehr echt aus! Toll!:o)

  6. Love it! You always do such nice work Duni! xoxo

  7. Do you have a friend or acquaintance who could help you out? It's good that your business is growing but it means making tough decisions. I understand about the goal. Mine was to have 25 items. I got close but never reached it. But I also pay attention to every detail and prefer quality over quantity. Your items are beautiful!

  8. Your work is such high quality and your fabrics and designs are beautiful! As for the wig, I'm brunette so have to vote for that!

  9. Either wig looks good but I think with the pink the lighter hair color looks better. Not so much of a contrast as the brunette.

  10. Those are super cute!

    I can understand the amount of labor involved. I started sewing an upcycled purse and the needle broke on me. It's enough labor to ensure quality, but to have things break that's a pain.

    I agree that the blond wig is best for lighter fabrics.

    As for outsourcing, I usually associate that term with corporations. But if you maybe hired a secretary to do the marketing (other than your blog), listing, and errands. It would give you more time to create. Or as the others said someone like-minded, and with comparable skills to join with.

    Also I added your shop, blog, twitter, and facebook links to Stumbleupon. Hope it brings you some views.

  11. I think the quality is going to be hard to maintain with getting help. But handmade items are expensive because of the time and care that go into each item. There is a reason "Made in China" is on so many things we buy in stores, right?

    I like the blonde wig.

  12. Well, I know I am going against the norm in your comments but I like the contrast of the darker wig--it makes the pink pop and stand out!

    Like Diane said above outsourcing seems to be the hot new term. I think some people get confused that outsourcing means "mass produced". Handmade is the item being made by one hand in its entirety and not done in batches. If you hire another sewer and that person sews an entire set it is still handmade.

  13. cute pajamas!!
    I'd mix the wigs up.
    love that you make each item. I have a friend who paints flower pots. Her mom base coats them for her. Perhaps there is someone who could cut out the fabric for you.

  14. Gosh, I don't know.. I like both, blonde and brunette!

    And I definitely understand your fear of outsourcing. You would just want to make sure that they had as high standards as you! And nothing less than perfect slips by!


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