Saturday, May 7

PJ Set in Paradise

I was so, so lucky when I received yet another of the missing parcels the other day! There was a huge gaping hole on one side of this one, but someone somewhere in the postal service had been nice enough to saran wrap it, so the fabric was undamaged. I was finally able to finish this new pajama set. What's so special about this one? Well, first of all, the fabric is gorgeous! It's light-weight and thinner than regular cotton, more like a cotton voile - perfect for summertime! The large-scale modern print depicts lush flowers on an off-white background. I made this set in large (US 14). That's why the top hangs a bit loosely on my mannequin and the armhole is too big, because she's a standard size. As soon as I get round to it I will be making a similar set in a medium, and if there's some fabric left a pair of lace-edged shorts. Also, I took heed of all the previous comments regarding the wig and will use the blonde one for my product images, but will replace it with my personal favourite (the brunette) the rest of the time. Amazingly enough -- according to my Etsy stats the views went up when I changed the images to the ones with the blonde wig! Btw, I'm tickled pink whenever people initially think it's a real model. Here's the 'secret' to making her look more real -- in Photoshop I cover all the lines with the make-up tool where the limbs are attached :)


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2011

    Wow, that's interesting that your views went up. I guess it really does make the product stand out more! Glad you got the fabric undamaged- it's gorgeous! Love it!

  2. I wonder if that says anything about people preferring blondes? Doesn't leave much hope for gals like me!

  3. This is beautiful, both the fabric and the design.

  4. This is so pretty and summery! Beautiful work.

  5. The mannequin does look good haha. It's funny how people can't tell the difference, though.

    It's amazing how a small change like the mannequin wig can affect your Etsy views. I have definitely found the same thing to be true with my jewelry backdrops.

    The new pajamas are gorgeous, too! I'm so glad that you finally got your package so you could finish that.

  6. I love that fabric! Such a pretty PJ set! As for the views going up when you switched to a blond wig, I'm not sure how this brunette feels about that! Hmmm. Very interesting!

  7. thank goodness for conscientious postal workers. The fabric is beautiful. Cool trick with the photoshop.

  8. Hello Duni! I'm happy for you. Finally the most awaited fabrics arrived.

    I love your new work. The front design is beautiful and sexy. I've seen the back part of this top from your Facebook account and I like it too. Your choice of fabric is beautiful too. The white base and the floral prints project a refreshing and comfortable look.

    I am looking forward in seeing more of your works, as always!

  9. Your mannequin does look real! LOL I love that fabric. Nice job.

  10. Beautiful fabric and photo!
    I thought it was an actual person, too. :)

    Great to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team! :)
    I am a new follower/subscriber to your blog.

    Mary C. Nasser

  11. Haha! Yes, I always thought she was real at first and then I looked closer. This is a good thing since I makes people look for a longer moment!

    I knew for a while that you use mannequins but I never fail to be fooled!

  12. Oh wow, lots of things have been going on here since I visited you last. Your pajamas and etsy shop is wonderful. What a fabulous idea. Are you still making purses too? So lovely.


  13. I am laughing because I also think they look real too, but was too embarrassed to say anything, lol!

    So glad your package arrived, and how nice that they went an extra step to protect the ripped spot!


  14. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    Well, it's about time it arrived, Duni! Sheesh!!!!
    Gorgeous fabric and such a sweet design. Your bedtime dreamies have to be so luxurious to fall asleep in! Now you need to design sheets and bedding to go with it all :)


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