Tuesday, December 21

She's here :)

...the store mannequin is! I wrote about it here. I got her for a good price off ebay, but I wasn't sure she'd get here before Christmas, because it's total snow chaos outside and lots of roads have been closed off due to ice!
She came in several pieces (I know, gross), however once I assembled her I was amazed at how a hunk of plastic could weigh that much, even without the pedestal she came with. Manoeuvering her around plus getting her dressed/undressed will definitely require a second pair of hands.
Of all the mannequins available I chose her for several reasons:
 1. her stance was just right for showing off pants
2. she's not as 'Barbie' thin - again great for showing off my larger sized pj's
3. she's got a reasonably 'natural' face; her features don't look 'painted on' (I know her face isn't relevant to showing my pajamas, but I will be looking at her every day...)
4. she doesn't take up much space

The pajama pants at left are called China Rose - large roses in red and pink on a pale blue background - yummy. These are a size M, would fit a US size 8/10. As soon as I have all the required photos I will be listing my wares in my new Etsy shop . I have seen that many sellers just put 'small, medium or large' in the description, but I find that this is too little information, so I will be adding waist/hip, length and rise measurements as well. That way buyers can compare these with one of their own basic pants before purchasing.
The only down side to my mannequin was that she came hairless. Poor thing. So I had to purchase a wig. I got one for about USD 20,- that didn't look too tacky. After some combing and styling it looks okay, I think. It's just for my benefit, really. The photos of the pj top won't show her head and just the lower part of her hair. Anyway, the main thing is that she fulfills her purpose and makes my pajammies look good :)
I fully realize she'll be the target of any male visitors to my house...and I can already hear the tongue-in-cheek remarks. So predictable!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're done with all of your holiday shopping by now!


  1. Sooo? What's her name? ;)

  2. Wow Duni, I'm impressed. I think I left some long rant about how scared I am of mannequins before. I should have know with your good taste you'd find (someone?) lovely. She's not scary at all, actually, she does make your jammies look great! I can't wait for the opening of your new shop.

  3. how fun, and she looks great modeling your pj bottoms. I think the wig looks good too

  4. Wait. Is that second photo HER? Wow. And I was worried because I do not like mannequin heads but your is awesome!!
    I agree with you about information on the listings. I never like it when I see something with only S,M,L so it is great you are putting in the other information as well.

    Side note:I like to get my daughter's feedback on fabric. I saw photos of Delilah (Grand Revival for Free Spirit) and she told me it was alright for school. But for home she wanted to wear her "Cinderella" dress! Ummmphf.

  5. That is a mannequin? She looks so real Duni... her hair/wig is beautiful :) She will be a target for your male visitors.. hahahhaa

  6. You have a lovely mannequin! How exciting to have her help you model your pjs!

  7. oh too fun Duni..it's great that she came hairless..all the better to suit your mood. Red wig for the wild pjs..you do have some wild pjs right?? :-)
    happy holidays Duni!


  8. Someone else asked, and I was wondering too.. lol... did you name her? her hair (wig) looks nice, you did a great job with it!

    And I finished my holiday shopping this morning. Allison has just recently asked for an Easy Bake Oven..and she really didn't ask for much, So, I decided to run out and get it!

    I hope you are staying warm in the snow!

  9. it looks real. I though, the one who wore the pyjama was you..

  10. awesome!!!! She looks great...so do the jammies :)

  11. yay to real size mannequin! :)

  12. Yaay, she came. Nice wig. I was wondering why you didn't show her full face. Anyway, I'm glad you picked mannequin with some meat on her bones. I mean plastic on her... well, you get idea. We average size women thank you. Good job!

  13. Glad to see she made it just in time for the holidays! As long as you can keep her away from the male visitors, she'll be fine, LOL

  14. I like her! I'm curious where you found a wig for such a good price?


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