Wednesday, December 15

I love surprise gifts...

...don't you?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I received a package all the way from Malaysia from lovely, kind-hearted, generous and funny Anny! I opened up the package and found these goodies inside:

GORGEOUS Batik Fabric. I love the beautiful floral design! Just think...Anny went to the shops and specially selected this fabric/pattern with me in mind. Isn't that just the sweetest thing to do? This is definitely going to be made into something very special. I love it, Anny! Thank you so much!
Ever thoughtful she also included this cute pair of chopsticks for me and hubby :)

And not to be forgotten -- an adorable little 'catnip fish' for Sammy.  
Here he is 'inspecting' his new toy and...

it's love at first sight  :)

Sammy really loves his little fish and sends many purrs, headbutts and nosetaps your way, Anny! These are beautiful gifts and I appreciate them all! Anny, your wonderful surprise made my day! Thank you!
Do check out Anny's blog where you'll meet:                                 

Piper & Dommy, two of the cuddliest and cutest dogs I've come across in the blog-world. I very much enjoy reading about their everyday adventures and so will you!

Thank you so very much, Anny! Blog-friends are the best :)


  1. What precious gifts!! And those little doggies are so sweet, I must pop over to that blog!

  2. Surprise packages are always awesome! Lovely gifts. :)

  3. What a wonderful gift! That fabric is gorgeous! It was very nice for Anny to send it and also send Sammy a toy too! We enjoy Anny's blog too and love Piper and Dommy!

  4. How sweet of Anny to send that. And what a nice surprise for you. I just love getting little goodies in the mail.

  5. You will surely make something lovely from that gorgeous fabric

  6. How sweet! Enjoy;)

  7. What beautiful fabric, so vibrant! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Yes Duni
    Real Blogfriends like you are :)))
    Its nice to have real friends in blogging world!!!

    Kareltje loves Sammy's new toy
    he want also play with it meow..meow..

    I wish you fantastic Xmas days
    and a Happy 2011
    enjoy with your family :-)

    Hugs Love
    Kareltje =^.^=

    (9th Jan. 2011 is Betsie =^.^= coming (she is than 12 weeks old)
    to our home . She is a siamese and I hope that Kareltje likes her ????
    It will maybe bring a little happiness in our home !!)

  9. Looks like something I'd expect to see a movie star carrying on the red carpet!

  10. Sorry for my misplaced first comment. That fabric is so bright and beautiful and how thoughtful of them to send Sammy a gift!


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