Tuesday, July 13

Puffy Purses

I finished the Russian Roulette (top) and Midnight Stroll (bottom) puffy purses last weekend. These versatile frame purses go well from day to evening and their 'puffy' shape are the perfect size to fit all your essentials. They are made with a slimline silver frame and the fabrics are padded for extra puffiness!

Unfortunately I will need to leave off sewing (and typing) for a while since the carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand is back in force since yesterday :(


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    Duni - They are so fabulous! Love the frame detail. I have been wanting to make a reproduction 1800's purse with the super-ornate frame. Gorgeous.

    I hate that carpal tunnel for you. I hear that can hurt REAL bad. Wear your brace and take it easy on your hands, honey :)

  2. Those purses are so pretty! I love the Russian Roulette. I wish I also have the talent to make something pretty by sewing :)

    And I do hope your right hand gets better soon!

  3. Wow, those purses are adorable. I love Russian Roulette.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. i love the Russian Roulette... esp the empty spaces of purple before the metal... puffy purses are lovely! can't wait for your e-shop to be open soon.

    take a rest Duni... its summer.. enjoy the sun for a while with Sammy.

    carpal tunnel syndrome are bad. Hope you get well soon.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon. Those are fabulous purses!

  6. hello duni! i love both the purses!....very beautiful fabric! is it vintage?....hey m sorry bout your carpal tunnel problem .....my mom had it too n i kno it can b really bothersome!....why dont u get it operated!......pls give your hand some rest ....i really hope u feel better soo:)

  7. Both are fabulous but I really LOVE the Russian Roulette one.
    sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel, I hear that can be dreadful. Hope you're feeling better soon

  8. Hi Dunni! That's so elegant. Too bad you're suffering from Carpal Tunnel. I do hope you'll get better.

  9. Those are so pretty and elegant! I really like the Russian Roulette one! I hope your hand gets better soon so you can continue making lovely purses!

  10. Elegant! I made one of these for myself and was shocked at how puffy it was--I kept thinking I had done something wrong:)

    Take care of yourself and rest. the fabric will be there later.

  11. WOW, Those Bags are Simply Gorgeous. I Hope You Feel Better Duni. Rest yourself, and chill out. your hands are your work tools, so you have to take good care of them my friend.

  12. These are absolutely beautiful as usual!

    I hope your hand feels better soon. I have had some issues with carpal tunnel. I know so many people who have. Take care :)

  13. Those look fantastic!

  14. Hi Duni!! Just stoppin by to say 'hi'! These lil purses are just darling!!

    Sorry your Carpel T. is acting up, I have it too, and at times need to let my wrist-rest! I will be soon featuring your items on our new blog.

    Thanks for always keeping up with me, you're such a doll! : )

  15. The bags are lovely! You are so talented Duni :-)

    Take good care of those talented hands and I hope your right hand feels better soon. {Hugs to you}

  16. Oh Duni these are so adorable! Really fabulous work! I hope your hand and wrist gets a good rest and is feeling better soon!

  17. AnonymousJuly 24, 2010

    Fantastic work, everytime i visit here, there's is always something new and pretty to look at.

    I think i like the russian roulette on the most.

    Hope your wrists get better soon too!


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