Saturday, February 6

Special Feature ~ DenimDarling

Today I'd like to introduce a very dear friend of mine, Yvi, who is one of the most creative people I know! Yvi already started crafting as a little girl making clothes for her Barbie dolls. These days she knits, crochets, does cross-stitch, sews, beads and very much enjoys working with felt. Last time we spoke she told me that one of the most relaxing activities was spinning yarn!
Since she lives in Cologne we don't get to see each other that often, but when we do there's always a fun project she's working on. She knits adorable baby hats delighting many a young mother, and currently she's working on sewing baby-name-mobiles.
Check out the cute beaded koala bear she's given me and the beautiful beaded bracelet below:

Recently I've coerced gently persuaded Yvi to open her own online shop on Dawanda. It's called DenimDarling. and is brand new! As the name suggests she will be selling a variety of denim skirts, which she fashions from pairs of jeans trousers, decorative jeans-flower brooches and other denim accessories. I asked her who came up with the catchy shop name. She said it was a collaboration between her and her boyfriend who also designed and created the shop-banner. She's only just started and is currently stocking her new shop. Do stop by and say hello if you can spare a minute. For my part I wish her much success, as I know Yvi is one very talented woman!

Happy weekend!


  1. Barbi its a long time ago :)
    We had many at home !!!
    The first picture is so cute a piece of fruit with a hat .... LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend Duni enjoy
    (Next week we all receive again snow :(

    Hugs to Sammy from KARELTJE =^.^=

  2. That skirt is so cute and I love that bracelet! I wish your friend much success with her new shop on Dawanda!

    Hugs to Sammy from Angel & Isabella too!

  3. Hi Duni..
    I'm sorry for not being able to visit you often.
    The skirt is lovely and yes, it's cute too :-)
    Have a nice weekend dear friend

  4. Hey sunshine - First of all, congrats on your Happy 101 Award - it is richly deserved!

    Not to overwhelm you, but I also gave you an award. It is the "Beautiful Blogger Award" - and it awaits you on my blog. You are a Beautiful Blogger, indeed - and definitely deserve this one as well. Love ya! xx

  5. Dear Duni,
    thank you soooo much for this blog-entry. I don't find the right words in english. It made me really happy, to read it, and still does.


  6. Love the skirt. I'll stop by and check out her shop just as soon as I finish here.

  7. Pretty cuff and adorable skirt. I hope your friend does well, off to check out her shop now!

  8. Pretty stuff!! I wish her loads of success~

    Duni...thank you for stopping by my blog and posting a comment~It IS good to be organized, isn't it?!!

  9. Love the jewelry and the skirt! Very nice.

  10. How sweet of you to feature your friend. The design on the bracelet is beautiful!
    I wish her much success with her endeavor.


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