Saturday, February 20


The snow's gone but that doesn't mean the weather has improved! More rain is forecast for this weekend, so this is the best shot I could get in the sliver of light that was available to me this morning.

This blue leafy print is simply gorgeous. I had to have it. The  fabric had been lying around for a couple of months, until I decided to use it for this satchel type shoulder bag I designed. I love the abstract placement of the leaves and the soft hues of blue and beige offset with black on a cream background. The whole bag is made from decorator weight fabric. There are two fully lined pockets underneath the flap and one mobile phone pocket at the side, which closes with velcro. It's fully lined with one interior zip pocket. The bag closes with a snap bolt. It's very roomy and perfect as an everyday bag!

This is a one-off, but I will be making similar bags for my website including a range for men. Obviously these will be larger and made from solids in black, khaki and dark grey with contrasting linings featuring block stripes, checks and manly motifs ;-) and lots of clever interior pockets, pen holders etc. I have recruited my husband to be my trusty advisor and bag model :)

I have two new bag styles in the works and hope I'll finish them by next week. Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend! Stay warm if you're in a cold region, and send me some sunshine if you're in the tropics :)


  1. That IS gorgeous fabric!! Love the bag.

  2. Hi Duni,

    You're truly a superb bag designer! The fabric is great and the interior is awesome too (I'm usually fussy about the inside of the bag as well.)!

    Here is sending u some sunshine and lots of love!

    Il Mare Atelier's Blog

  3. Beautiful bag! Love the fabric too!

  4. Duni, I really like this fabric! I think it is great that you will be including designs for men==very smart!!

  5. I love that fabric too and love that bag style! Great idea to make them for men too! Wish we could send you some sunshine. The rains return here soon so we're soaking up all the sun we can get!

    Purrs to Sammy!

  6. wow.. very beautiful bag dear..
    Love the fabric too!

  7. Love your bag Duni :-)
    So fresh colors and springlook !!

    (its here raining now the sun is gone :(

    Have a nice sunday
    hugs to Sammy from Kareltje =^.^=

  8. I just love that fabric. What a fun bag. The print, the colors, the style it's all perfect.

  9. I love the design, practical, very useful, and very pretty!

  10. Great bag. I really like the leaf earthtone contrast to the white background.

  11. Ooooh, I really like the colors of this bag! Cool hardware too, Duni!!

  12. I really love that design. It looks so practical yet stylish. The fabric is perfect for Spring too. That is supposedly coming soon.

  13. Dear Duni,
    Good Evening!
    Beautiful!Beautiful design!cool!So stylish!
    Lots of sunshine I can send you from India!
    Summer is going to begin!
    Wishing you a lovely week,

  14. Oh Duni, I love this bag! Great pattern and colour combination. I could wear my white and blue necklaces with it!
    Good luck with the men's bags. I'm glad to see that you could take pictures. I am sending some sunshine to you. We are still covered with about half a meter of snow (See photos on my blogs.) but the snow reflects light and daylight time is gradually getting longer. I have been able to take some handheld shots of a bracelet at a window around noon, with only natural light.
    Purrs to Sammy from Sara, Cajsa and Calle

  15. i love this bag. perfect for spring.

  16. With most of your bags being on the smaller side, I can see this print sitting around for a while. Great choice to match the scale with that of a larger style bag. It really showcases this fabric. And I love that bag design too!


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