Thursday, June 18


Hello everyone!

It's been a busy week, and it's not over yet. Still haven't figured out what is causing my arm/leg pains; I'm hoping my appointment with the rheumatologist will throw some light on the matter.

Meanwhile, I've sold all of my pink sleepmasks. I just had enough time to sew and list two new ones in white/turquoise and white/blue/green. 

The rest of my spare time I've been planning my very first tutorial for this blog! I'll be showing you how to make a three-tiered lavender-filled cushion! I hope I'm all done with sewing, taking pictures and posting it by this weekend. So watch this space...


  1. What a lovely idea, to create sleep masks. I don't think that I have seen this done before. It's no wonder you sold all of them. You know my sister, Susan told me about a new craft shop like etsy on It's called 1000 Markets. Another wonderful venue to sell our things.

    I'll watch for that tutorial. You create such lovely things. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Good Luck from the appointment to the rheumatologist. Hope they can have fast and correct diagnosis of what's the cause of your arms/leg pain. Rest well. Take care.

    By the way, thanks for the visit.

  3. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

    OOoooo....I'd love to see you do a tutorial! I only pretend to sew...I'd love to try a real project:) Sorry to hear you have unidentified pains! Hopefully they get figured out and taken care of!

  4. Those are so nice. I love my tissue holder :)
    Everything is good here, hoping the doctor visit provides answers for you.

  5. A tutorial??? Wooohoooooo.... Definitely dropping in more often. mwah. =)

  6. I love my white-blue sleeping-mask, thanks again.
    At first I thought it wouldn't help a lot and that a lot of light would come through, but it's great. Wearing the sleeping-mask, made me fall a sleep so easily at my parents home for a long time.
    There's a street-latern just in front of the window!
    Please excuse my mistakes, I'm not a native speaker ... and writer.
    Greetings, Yvonne

  7. Good luck at the doctor. I hope she/he figures out what's causing your pain. :(

  8. A sleeping-mask
    I have never sleep with it ;)

    Many many luck by the doktor Duni I hope he can help you....
    Take care .......

    hugs to Sammy from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Eww. Don't you just dislike those pains that doctors cannot figure out? I hope that can solve this one for you. Take care.


  10. Duni.. I hope the pain in your arms and legs are soon alleviated!

    ..and I can personally say that the sleep masks are absolute perfection!!

    The carrying case comes in handy too.. we just came back from the beach, Duni, on a small vacation..and I tucked the sleep mask right in its perfect pouch!! Duni is the best! :)

  11. ohhh!!....duni! i hope u get better real soon!..n m looking forward to your tutorial! your sleepmasks!

  12. I hope the doctor is able to figure out what's causing your pain. Those sleep masks are so pretty and I love that you make a pouch for them too!

  13. Those are so nice, Duni! Thanks for stopping by my new blog and your nice comments! Hope you find out more from the doctor, and GET WELL soon! : )

  14. hurray! a tutorial. be dropping by more often. hahaha. i love the sleepmasks by the way. they're cuuute!

  15. I hope that you find out why you are having those pains - it must be worrying.

    I'm very much looking forward to your tutorial - I have only basic sewing skills but would like to improve them!

    Best wishes,


  16. oh my this is super adorable...

  17. oh my, love to see the tutorial on how to make this one...

  18. I love the eye mask. I look forward to the tutorial.

  19. I love your eye masks, they look wonderful, and I can't wait for the tutorial!


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