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Hello everyone,

high time I dusted off this little blog of mine! First and foremost I truly hope that you and your families are well and safe. This is a challenging time for all of us and I acknowledge that it is more so for some than others. Please don't despair and please let's be kind to each other.

Back in January my friends in Hong Kong alerted me to the fact that there was a deadly virus coming out of mainland China and that the original whistleblower had been detained and information suppressed. (no surprise there). So I told my close friends and a few family members - but I don't think I was taken very seriously. Regardless, I kept monitoring the situation closely and noticed that more and more cases were being reported from around the world. At some point in February I decided to order surgical face masks. They never arrived. I was able to secure a few from the local pharmacy, but they told me there was a severe shortage everywhere. By March, with the devastating news of virus-related deaths coming out of Italy and the new "hotspot" in Austria...well, by this time no one, at least in Europe, doubted that this was a pandemic. By the end of March Germany finally issued a stay-at-home order (way too late in my opinion) and obviously all big events, including the annual tradefair that I had been attending for the last 10 years, were cancelled. Followed by school and shop closures. I think April is the month when the rest of the world finally woke up that this was deadly serious and afforded a global effort to combat.

This moment in time is a test for humanity. Will we become more nationalistic? Will there be class warfare? I think it's up to each of us to maintain a standard of decency within our communities. It's also wise not to put too much faith in our respective governments. As seen in the last couple of weeks some of our so called leaders are not invested in the welfare of the citizens. Best to rely on your own common sense. I live in the state with the second highest infection cases and rising. Our MP insists on opening up the schools/shops/public spaces right now. Our MP doesn't know how to wear a face mask. He wants to become the next chancellor?! Well, not with my vote, that's for sure.

handmade face masks
While things look dire economically, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate consumerism. Perhaps focus on quality rather than quantity? How about raising wages for essential workers? When all this is over (fair warning = it's going to take longer than you think) we, as a whole, must understand that our previous way of life is no longer sustainable. There are a lot of good people out there who have been trying to implement changes for the better, but it's a slow process. Plus it's the politicians/governments that make the big decisions - that ultimately affect us all. If you are lucky to live in a country that (still) allows voting - don't waste this privilege please.

Shop News

As I already mentioned in my newsletter as well as in my Etsy shop, unfortunately due to the pandemic shipping to USA, Australia and some areas of Europe has been temporarily suspended. This is because the postal service is not working at full capacity at the moment. I am checking daily to see when it's going to open up again. Fingers crossed it will be soon. 

We can all use a bit of cheering up! Cute unicorn stationery available in my online shop


Since most of us can't get ahold of face masks a lot of people (myself included) have been sewing them. Some of us have been sewing batches of fabric face masks for hospital staff, children's cancer units, care facilities etc. What an amazing joint effort. Check out Pinterest for plenty of free patterns. There are several types of fabric masks: simple rectangular ones with loops for attaching to your ears, the curved ones with either fabric ties that go around the head or elastic loops.
Good news for all those who want to sew up a batch of face masks, but don't have time to trace the pattern. Sometime in the next two weeks I will be getting in fabric panels with the masks already printed on them! The kit includes the elastic. The masks are double layer and feature funky prints including a rainbow one and a solid color lining. Simply cut and sew. Yay!

coming soon!

I've also received some new whimsical fabrics by Daniela Drescher for acufactum. They are based on her children's books and feature all sorts of sweet details.

acufactum fabrics

And here are some more new arrivals. Pretty pastels in pink, robin's egg blue and natural.

Rue 1800

And lastly, some items I made in the last month or so...

Oh, and one last thing. I think we should refer to social distancing as physical distancing. Describes it much better, don't you think? Thank you for reading along and wherever you may be in the world please take care, stay home and stay safe.

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  1. So wonderful to see a post from you today. Things have been crazy with the pandemic issues. We've been lucky here. In my town and all of the surrounding towns there have been zero cases. There have been plenty of people I know of who have been tested but all have tested negative.
    So many pretty fabrics here and the fabric with the printed masks is such an awesome idea.

    1. Hi Ann!
      wow, you really are lucky! I'm glad you're safe. It's mandatory to wear a face mask when out in public over here. Take care Ann :)

  2. I am glad to see you are doing well through this difficult time Duni. The situation is very similar for us here with poor communication from government. Instead we pay attention to what the medical experts are saying as well as the governor of New York who has been so amazing and honest with the public. We never had a country wide shut down. All the states are in charge of their own well being.

    The unicorn motifs are so sweet and remind me of childhood! Your masks are so pretty. At least we can accessorize nicely right now. I feel as though masks will become commonplace for many people even after the virus is under control. The pandemic has us all thinking about germs throughout our day.

    Physical distancing does sound better! With social media it feels like there is no social distancing.

    Stay safe and well Duni!

  3. These are beautiful! Take care, Duni! I hope you and your family are always safe and healthy!

    1. Thank you so much Krissy :)
      You take care too and stay well!

  4. Hi Chelsey,
    missed you and thank you :) I do hope all is well your end. Stay safe!!

  5. Hi Duni! Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog. I miss your blog posts and the way you capture photos, that looks so relaxing.

    I'm always interested to know how other countries are coping with this global crisis. I initially thought, problems within my country are not observed in economically advanced countries. Turns out, we share the struggle. I live in a country so near China and a significant number of people are influx from the mainland. I have to agree with the stories of your friends from HK. We heard of the virus since December of last year. When January came, a number of people in my country were suggesting to restrict flights to and from China. No one from the government listened. We had our first case by the end of January. Some Chinese Schools in PH suspended classes, 14 days after the Chinese New Year. They were reprimanded by authorities. But in the long run, it was found to be helpful. We woke up in March with around 20 cases and on April, we have already thousands. :( Even worse, back in January, a number of Filipinos already started wearing face masks. Government and health authorities discouraged it, saying we are depleting supplies for hospitals. But looking at the situation now, I think so much can be prevented if government did not discourage it. At the very least, they should have encouraged the use of cloth masks so that surgical masks for hospitals can be maintained. Today, no one is allowed to go out without a face mask. Sigh... One decision can really affect the fate of an entire country.

    On the positive side, I wish I can purchase our face mask. I love the lavender and pink rose prints.

    Keep safe and healthy, Duni!

    1. *our is meant to be yours :)

    2. Hi Diane!
      thank you for visiting my blog. I know I haven't been a very good blogger for a while :)
      Yes, it's the same everywhere and depending on the respective government it's either worse or a bit better.
      Above all, continue to wear face masks. Stay safe Diane, especially when you return to work! Duni x

  6. Hi Duni! I am so happy to see a blog update and some news from you. I am glad that you are safe and healthy. What trying and scary times!!

    People here in Chicago and the rest of the country are starting to really doubt our politicians and the media. There is unrest and people just ignoring the lockdown and wearing face masks. Who knows what is best? Everything here is so politically charged, you have no real source of "news" anymore. I just try to stay home, stay away from others and always wear my mask--even while I am taking my morning walks in the woods.

    I think the truth will come out about this virus and how and where it started. I have a small inkling that it may be bio-terrorism, but who knows? I don't say anything or speculate as it does no good. I just pray that we all get through this safely.

    Please...keep us posted more often! Blessings to you and yours!

    1. Hi Lin!
      it's been too long :)
      yeah, it's really hard to figure out things due to the disinformation everywhere. Anything is possible including bio-terrorism. Some people in Germany ignore the lockdown as well - they should volunteer in a hospital and see for themselves. What a bunch of eejits.
      I can't help but worry about my brother who lives in the States. At least he can work from home.
      I'll try my best to blog more often :)
      Take care and many blessings to you and yours as well - Duni x

  7. attractive face it


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