Tuesday, September 7

The bag making Bible

I've had my eye on Lisa Lam's craft book ever since I read about it on her popular U-handblog, and no sooner was it published I had to buy it!
I leafed through it yesterday. There are only eight bag-projects in this book, and although the author purports her instructions to be clear and easy-to-follow, I feel that beginning sewists (the term used in this book) who have never, ever made a bag before will be rather overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information. Indeed, this is a tome on all manner of bag construction techniques - from inserting the dreaded zippers to various pocket solutions. Special topics cover attaching all sorts of hardware, types of interfacing/interlining to use, making bag handles and embellishing. There is a sweet foreword by bag-making queen Amy Butler, and many of the bags shown are made with Amy Butler home decor fabrics. They are gorgeous, of course. I recommend this book to people who have made a bag or two before and are familiar with the basic construction of a bag. This book will take you a level up in bag making, plus it provides detailed information on professional finishing. The photographer did a great job by showing the bags inside and out and Lisa has kept the tone of the book light by injecting her special brand of humor.
A nice addition to my collection of crafting books!


  1. Sounds like I need to get this book! So, you hate inserting zippers? I do too. My brain has trouble thinking inside out. LOL

  2. Don't you just obsess over things like this? I'm a bookie anyway, but, when you purchase a crafting book/ magazine it's just too much!!!

  3. I like her blog with all of its humor but I tried one of her pattern/kits and I failed miserably! I do think she does a good job in showing how much she loves her job, though")

  4. Good review Duni. I'm always surprised when books such as this (and beading/jewelry design) are written without the beginner in mind. Though saying that, maybe it would be a good addition for a beginners library to have something to work towards.

  5. Gotta love it when you get something you've been waiting for.

  6. hi nice bag...

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    thank you

  7. I had a hard time with making a cat bed so don't think I'll be getting this book anytime soon. Can't wait to see what you make after reading it though!

  8. Reading directions was always the hardest thing about sewing and especially teaching it!
    Hope you are doing well :)

  9. Liked the review on the book, though you already have mad skills in sewing!

    I visited your site...very cute! I can't wait to be able to check out the shop when it's stocked up. I'm a beginner myself, but I'd say you did a fantastic job for a "newbie"!

    Hope all's well!

  10. Sounds like a great book. I love your work and it's intriguing to see how you are continually adding skills to your arsenal :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Hey, Duni! I love, love, love getting new books on my craft! There's always so much inspiration! Fabulous review!


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