Tuesday, January 5

Warm feet at last!

My whooga ugg boots finally arrived from Australia yesterday! And thank goodness for that, because the temperature is dropping rapidly over here. At first I was a bit sceptical about ordering shoes online, because I have narrow feet and these looked huge on the website, but thankfully my boots are a perfect fit and most importantly they are light-weight. Mine are the short version and I went against the current trend by choosing 'sand' rather than 'camel'. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Snow-covered trees...a rare sight in these parts. This view is from my kitchen window.

I will be putting my boots into action this early evening, when I will brave the elements to go grocery shopping.

take care,


  1. I have the same view Duni
    Winter wonderland ....... LOL
    I'm happy when its SPRING :-)
    Yesterday I made a SLIP... with my car but I still alive ...... LOL
    My car is also okay !!
    I hate it when the roads are slippy

    Nice Uggs
    (why from Australia in Dutch they are in many stores !!!!
    I think also in Germany ;-)
    But its fun buy online ....

    (My birthday Duni, My first number is so high in 2010 :(

    Enjoy the snow
    go made also a snowman ;)

    hugs for Sammy from Kareltje =^.^=

  2. I love your uggs! I need some over here in England too. We keep having heavy frost everyday and we are expecting more snow today and tomorrow :) Stay warm!

  3. Good morning Duni! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and always your lovely comments, I truly do appreciate that and your friendship : )

    Great boots! You'd be amazed here in Central Florida at our temps...we've had Hard-Freeze warnings all week and frost everywhere, yikes! My daughter has a pair of boots similar to these and you can bet she's been wearing them!

  4. Your boots look fabulous! Enjoy the warm feet. You are now the epitome of trendy.

  5. I don't know...I still just can't get into the ugg thing. I tease my step-daughters that they are called ugg because they are so ugly, no one knows what else to call them! Me? I just finally got out of my sandals a couple weeks ago...just in time for the New York snow. Other than that, I just wear my old beat-up clogs or my Doc Martens!

  6. Those are so cute. I like Uggs but opted for a cheaper brand. They do keep my feet toasty.

  7. Tanya WaltonJanuary 05, 2010

    I got some uggs for christmas...they are the high ones and in gold...they are great boots and I wouldn't be without them...I'm in the UK and we have been having terrible weather here....my feet are always dry and warm though!!!

  8. Cool boots. They look very comfortable. I wish that our snow fall was more like yours. I don't think it's ever going to stop here

  9. Great boots! Warm feet makes for warm everything I think! The snow is lovely out your window though.

    Hugs to Sammy!

  10. Hmn...my feet are jealous. The are under socks and a blanket and a couch cushion and still freezing.

  11. Perfect timing on getting your new boots, eh? Yep, we have the same weather, same view here in northern Illinois...and wow it's so cold and will remain so for at least another week....

  12. Those really look nice and warm! I could've used those today, my feet were so cold!

  13. My husband just informed me that it has been abnormally cold here. Right now I could use some of those shoes as well.

    The tree photo is beautiful.


  14. Nice boots....and lovely view from the kitchen window :)

  15. Hello Duni, Happy New Year to you :) Lovely snow covered trees. I've always love ugg boots. Maybe one day i'll own one too.. it sure looks comfy! Hope you'll have a great bountiful year ahead.

  16. Uggs are just the best! I have a pair, and I don't think I've taken them off yet this winter! It's so bitterly cold, keep warm Duni!

  17. I have the ugly Uggs. Yours are so much cuter:)

  18. Thanks for the suggestions about the cats. We have hardwood floors on two of three levels, so we're pretty set on that end. I know the bed is the key. I just need to wrap my head around it before I can do it!

  19. ooooh, Duni!! I am drooling over those boots! Love them! :)


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