Friday, September 26

About me, sewing, bags and more

Currently, I'm working on a new bag design. It's going to be a large bag - useful for shopping, diaper bag, sewing bag etc. I am still working out the ideal size and whether or not to add studs at the bottom. I'm going to sew up a prototype this weekend and see how it works out. Why my fascination with bags? Actually, from a very early age I was fascinated by fabric. Other little girls played with dolls, I had this folder full of fabric samples! My love of fabric continued through my teens and twens and has even intensified now that I'm in my 30's. After leaving the city and years of working the fashion business, I moved into a house in the country with my husband and started working on different bag designs. I also intensified my sewing knowledge by taking lessons from a professional designer. My bags make perfect gifts for friends and family and I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't want a new bag! I specialize in make up bags and small purses but as I mentioned at the beginning of the post I will be making up a larger bag soon. I take great care in choosing high quality fabrics and years of working in fashion has sharpened my sense for colours and trends. Occasionally, I make custom orders like the green dots bag for my little niece. I am open to special colour and fabric requests. Above all, my bags are all made with dedication and love!

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