Meet Duni

Hi, I'm Duni.
I've been publishing this blog since 2008. I'm passionate about DIY, sewing and design, so you'll find
a variety of original DIY projects in the tutorial section including fun Tshirt refashion ideas! I also share small business advice, sewing tips and tricks, my highly popular Etsy moodboards on Mondays (if you're an Etsy seller contact me if you'd like to be included - your item might be the perfect fit for my boards), travel excursions near and far, shop news as well as the odd vegetarian recipe! Occasionally I publish sponsored posts which I fully disclose. Please be aware that thoughts and opinions shared are all my own and I only endorse items or companies which are ethical and meet my discerning standards.
I'm passionate about my work and fabrics too - I run a local craft shop since 2011 - and yes, I sell worldwide! If you have any questions about my website, my handmade items or my fabric collections please don't hesitate to contact me. Inquiries: duni.buesken[at]gmx[dot]de

Thank you for reading along...I hope you enjoy my posts and visit often ~ Duni

10 facts.

  1. I'm open-minded, authentic and adventurous
  2. I've lived and worked in 7 countries (currently Germany)
  3. I combine the best of two worlds - Asian and European :)
  4. I try to embrace sustainable living as much as possible
  5. I have a special affinity towards animals
  6. My photo gear is all Nikon (for those who asked)
  7. I'm highly individualistic and frequently go against the flow!
  8. I'm a hands-on person and I get things done fast
  9. Quality is more important to me than quantity
  10. Summer is my favorite season

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  1. Dunilein... Du bis sooo neee Hübsche!!! Wow! :-)))))))))))))))))



  2. Hi Duni! You look so beautiful here and so as your fabrics. I love your pic!

  3. Beautiful designs!!! Regards from Slovenia, Barbara

  4. Duni you are such a wonderful and blessed artist, and Sammy too :)

    God bless,

  5. Sammy looks like the kitty we had when I was growing up-- 'Dynamite'. :)

  6. Duni is a truly talented seamstress. Her work is impeccable as well as her service. A very good and nice human being as well!

  7. Always love seeing your newest creations Duni, very lovely! Popping in from the Linky Love Blog! have a wonderful day!

  8. Hab grad vergeblich nach deiner Mailaddy gesucht? Wär super wenn du dich mal melden könntest zwecks Bloggerprojekt!!


  9. I believe that I am 100% sure that i will look at your blog A LOT

  10. lovely about page, informative, like-able and to the point!

  11. I'm highly individualistic and frequently go against the flow! Duni this is me many happy I found are an absolute delight...mdm samm in Canada...from France


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