Friday, April 29

8 delicious avocado recipes

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 (recipe below)

As fruits go, avocados are unusually high in fat (the "good" kind), but they are also incredibly nutritious containing Vitamins K, C, B, and E as well as folate and potassium. They are also loaded with fiber and antioxidants. Therefore they are often referred to as a "superfood". Personally, I like them because they are so versatile in cooking / baking! 
Als Frucht ist die Avocado ungewöhnlich reichhaltig, aber sie ist dennoch eine gute Quelle für 'gesunde' Fette. Sie enthält eine Vielzahl an wichtigen Nährstoffen, ist besonders reich an Kalium und der hohe Ballaststoffanteil hilft den Blutzucker zu regulieren. Deshalb wird die Avocado oft als "Superfood" bezeichnet. Ich mag sie nicht nur geschmacklich, sondern auch weil man sie vielseitig zubereiten kann!

Avocado Appetizer 

These appetizers are easy to make and delicious! They are made with pumpernickel, a type of rye bread with a slightly sweet, malty taste. It's a traditional bread from Westphalia, the region of Germany I currently live in! It usually comes in square slices, but for these appetizers I prefer the "gourmet" round slices. To prepare spread natural cream cheese (mine is lactose-free) evenly on the slices. Top with flat-leaf parsely, small cubes of avocado, chopped sundried tomatoes (in oil), and season with ground black pepper. Serve immediately.
Diese Pumpernickel-Häppchen sind einfach zuzubereiten und schmecken köstlich! Runde Pumpernickelscheiben mit Frischkäse bestreichen; mit flacher Petersilie, kleinen Avocadostücken und getrockneten Tomaten (in Öl) belegen und mit schwarzem Pfeffer würzen. Sofort servieren.

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, April 27

Wordless Wednesday

handmade fashion

A selection of the clothes I made over the years...
Eine Collage von Bekleidungsstücken, die ich über die Jahre genäht habe...
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Tuesday, April 26

Denim for the home

The denim trend seems to be everybody's favorite not least because it's so versatile. However denim is not limited to fashion. It's been making waves in interiors as well! Combined with crisp white creates a nautical feel while textures add interest to rustic interiors. Or pair it with boho elements for a relaxed and laid back living space. Denim, especially the textured variety is a great upholstery choice for families with toddlers as it masks stains and sticky fingerprints quite well.

On the other hand The Molly armchair in denim blue (#1) with its tapered legs demonstrates that denim can add a chic accent to your living room too! This chair is expertly crafted in the UK and combines a streamlined shape with a high back and comfy wide seat. Perfect for reading!

Denim walls (#2)! Even if I wouldn't dare put this Arthouse wallpaper up in my home, I can imagine it would look fab as an accent wall in a hallway. This denim blue wallpaper is part of the Imagine Fun kid's decor range and coordinates perfectly with the other prints!

My personal favorite here is the light blue denim rectangular pillow with black cross (#3) from Australian company Cranmore Home. Their design team's mission is to create ethical products in collaboration with artisans who live in some of the most challenging regions of the world and to help empower them to rise above poverty. This shade of blue would go great with my cream sofa and add a bit of Scandi-style as well!

How cute is that denim whale pillow (#4)?! It's from Danish company Ferm Living who specialize in cute accessories for the home and children's decor. Available via rokdoubledot.
I'm partial to star motifs, so I love those denim napkins (#5)! They're from German company paper + design and would add a whimsical touch to an al fresco lunch or picnic basket.

I can totally picture this light denim diamond patterned outdoor woven rug (#6) on our (yet to be renovated) terrace. It comes in six sizes and is great for high-traffic areas. It's functional, durable and affordable. There are other patterns available as well. Require extra seating but haven't got enough space? This faded denim poof (#7) has multiple uses, is sturdy enough to balance food and drinks plus it's stackable to save space.

Leave it to SMEG France to come up with a 'denim' refrigerator (below)! This energy class A++ fridge holds 26 liters and includes a freezer compartment with two ice trays. It's a bit too massive for my taste but it wouldn't look out of place in a bachelor pad or rustic cabin retreat :)

Have you got any denim items in your home, apart from a pair of jeans? 
What's your favorite piece here?

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Monday, April 25

Monday Moodboard

Hello and happy Monday! I may have mentioned before that there's a huge oak tree taller than the house in front of the bedroom window. The other day I noticed the tree sprouting tiny green buds. I love this crisp, fresh 'green flash' green which serves as inspiration for my moodboard :)
Hallo, ihr Lieben! Bei uns im Garten wächst eine Eiche, die mit der Aussprossung immer spät dran ist. Aber neulich habe ich kleine Knospen entdeckt. Endlich! Dieses frische 'green flash' Grün mag ich im Frühling besonders und es dient heute als Inspiration für meine MontagsCollage :)

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4

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Wednesday, April 20

diy cute bug pin cushion [ free PDF template ]

Hello lovelies,
today I'm sharing an easy handmade gift idea for friends who sew (or keep it for yourself)! Plus it's a great way to use up those itty bitty pieces of leftover fabric :)
Hallo, ihr Lieben,
die komplette Nähanleitung (Deutsch) für dieses süße Krabbelkäfer-Nadelkissen inklusive Vorlage findet Ihr im Dawanda Do-It-Yourself Portal :)

You'll need

leftover cotton fabric
iron-on interfacing (thin)
polyfill fiber (for stuffing)
rick rack trim (for the legs) - sponsored by Union Knopf
fabric marker
matching thread
basic sewing kit
sewing machine

Download the free PDF template. Use a very narrow seam allowance unless indicated otherwise

  1. Print and cut out the paper template. 
  2. Iron the interfacing to wrong side of fabric left overs. The fabric pieces should be big enough to accomodate the paper template pieces
  3. Lay template on wrong side of fabric and trace around each with fabric pen. As indicated on template (I know it's in German, but it's the numbers that are important) cut out two pieces for the bug head, two pieces for the bug belly, one piece for bug middle back and two pieces (different fabric) for the bug wings.

  1. Sew head pieces together, right sides facing. The dashed line as indicated on the template should be left open. Snip away small triangles along the curves. Turn right side out. Then stuff a tiny bit of polyfill fiber into it.
  2. Next attach wings right sides facing to middle back piece, straight edge aligned. Stitch using a narrow seam allowance. Iron seams to one side.
  1. Cut rick rack trim into 6 pieces each measuring 1.5 " 
  2. Attach to wings as indicated on template
  3. Attach head at the narrow end of middle back piece with raw edges aligning
  4. Baste

  1. Lay bug belly pieces rights sides together and stitch straight edge leaving a 4" gap
  2. Iron seam open

  1. Lay back piece and belly piece right sides together. Don't worry - back piece is slightly larger than belly piece to accomodate the polyfill fiber and to create a nice mound shape!
  2. Make sure the edges are aligned and pin all around
  3. Stitch using a 0.4" seam allowance, go slowly when you come to the head part
  4. Snip little triangles as you did for the head
  5. Turn carefully through opening and pack tightly with polyfill fiber
  6. Stitch gap closed by hand

Your little 'bug' pin cushion is finished!
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