Thursday, March 30

Life lately.

As predicted the first quarter of this year and especially this week has been super busy, but I wanted to stop by to connect with you, my dear readers, before I leave for the international trade fair in Cologne tomorrow. I already missed out on one fair in January, due to illness, so whatever happens I wasn't going to miss out on this important event centering around fabrics and craft. After all, fabrics are my main business! I have been following design trends closely, and now and then I look at what my sewing friends and lovely customers are up to. Every so often I receive customer requests as to colors and prints and I do take these into consideration when purchasing fabrics. I'm excited about seeing all the new lines in person. Plus on Saturday I'll be attending a DIY blogger event to which I had received an invitation a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to meet the crafty people and network :)
Amidst all the busy-ness and just when I thought all was well with the kitties I discovered a lump underneath the furs of our cat Sammy. At fifteen he's the oldest of the bunch. So off to the vet we went where a biopsy was done. The vet says lumps like these are quite frequent in older cats, dogs and other small animals. Now we have to wait for the result. If they turn out positive than Sammy is looking to be operated in the near future. Naturally we are hoping for a negative outcome - purrrayers needed. We had our time change to summertime this past weekend and my biorhythm is all over the place. The cats are confused too! I really wish they would abolish this archaic practice, as it's proven the energy saved is only minimal. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the first signs of spring. It lifts my spirit seeing the crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and new growth everywhere. Take care everyone and see you back on Monday!

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  1. Enjoy the fair Duni! I do hope Sammy's lump is benign. :( Sending positive vibes your way. We changed our clocks a couple of weeks ago. I totally agree, we need to just do away with that!

  2. I'm sending lots of purrs to Sammy! Please keep us posted. And I hope you have a productive time at the trade fair.

  3. Wunderschön, richtig Frühling liebe Duni!! ♥
    Liebste Grüße

  4. Enjoy the trade fair. Sorry to hear about Sammy and Ill send prayers for him

  5. Crazy days, eh? I hope they are ending soon for you. And I will add Sammy to my prayers that it is all good news.

  6. Wish you a lot of fun at the international trade fair in Cologne.

  7. I'm glad you have such a fun fair to look forward to and that Spring is soothing your blues. Sending well wishes to you and your kitties, hope you're getting better!

  8. Oh noes! Sending purrs that Sammy's bump is just a normal age related one. Glad you're able to go to Cologne though and hope you have a wonderful time!

  9. Hallo liebe Duni,
    irgendetwas ist immer: das Bloggertreffen ist da sicher eher ein positives Event. Die Geschichte mit Deiner Katze geht hoffentlich positiv aus.
    Viele liebe Grüße, Synnöve


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