Wednesday, January 25

[ Almost ] Wordless Wednesday

#womensmarch #womensrightsarehumanrights #resist

The Women's March on Washington and its "sister marches" on every continent, including Antarctica, took place this past Saturday, 21st January to peacefully protest the systematic attacks on the people (women in particular), the planet and social progress by Trump and like-minded politicians. Although I was not able to join a rally in person, since I'm still not feeling well, I was definitely there in spirit. So proud of these people. It's really important to keep the momentum going. Our democratic values are at stake here...

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  1. Although I am an apolitical kitty, my human was so happy to see all these wonderful events! She had an all-day volunteer orientation (having to do with another possible role for me), so she couldn't make it, but like you, she was fully there in spirit.

  2. Hallo liebe Duni,
    ich finde es gut, dass demonstriert wird. Obama hatte die "Bürger" ja auch dazu aufgerufen.
    Viele Grüße, Synnöve

  3. Ich finde es sehr mutig von den Leuten, liebe Duni!
    Sie können tatsächlich stolz darauf sein was sie für ihr Land tun.
    Liebe Grüße an Dich!

  4. Saturday was so amazing and so moving! I have been trying to stay positive but after on only a handful of days of the new presidency, I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. Only time will tell how our world will go. Change comes from the people so if Saturday is any indication, maybe good things will happen.

  5. Liebe Duni,
    gut gesehen hast Du und tolle Motive herausgesucht!
    Ich bin gespannt, wie es da weitergehen wird ...
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Tag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße,Claudia ♥

  6. Immer in Gedanken dabei! Einen Pussy Hat hab ich schon...

    1. Ich hoffe, dass solche Aktionen weiterhin stattfinden. Wir müssen ein deutliches Zeichen setzen!


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