Friday, May 18

The week in pictures

Well, the week started off with a pink wool explosion! I never noticed Molly sneaking off into the bedroom, where she found my pink wool project - a complicated lace scarf that I had been working on since March. All of the balls of wool were completely unravelled and criss-crossing all over the bed, around table and chair legs. Pink wool everywhere! I found Molly underneath the bed complacently chewing on my half-finished scarf. I'm sure she thought it's the best "toy" ever!! I tell you, all of this happened in just a few minutes, but it took me forever to clean up the mess. haha. Cats are great entertainers, wouldn't you agree?
The allium (or purple balls as I like to call them) are flowering again. So pretty. I also planted lots of parsley, one of my favourite herbs. And I finally got round to altering a pair of old-but-in-good-condition chino pants. Alterations are my least favourite sewing project. To compensate I made myself a pair of summer shorts using one of the gorgeous fabrics from Amy Butler's Gypsy collection. This evening we need to take Sammy to the v-e-t for his annual vaccinations and I'm not looking forward to that all. In case you're wondering, no, Sammy and Molly have not become friends (yet). And my wool lace scarf? Well, after Molly was finished with it it had holes the size of a fist in it, so I binned it ;-)


Die Woche fing damit an, dass sich Molly unbemerkt ins Schlafzimmer schlich und dort prompt meine pinkfarbene Wolle entdeckte! In den wenigen Minuten danach könnt ihr euch ja vorstellen was passiert ist ;-) Als ich ins Zimmer kam war die ganze Wolle über und unter dem Bett, Tisch und Stuhl verteilt! Und wo war Molly? Die hatte es sich inzwischen unter dem Bett gemütlich gemacht und kaute in aller Ruhe an meinem halbfertigen Lace Schal und sah dabei ganz süß und vollkommen unschuldig aus! Haha. Katzen sind wirklich unterhaltsam, oder etwa nicht?!
Die Allium (oder wie ich sie nenne, lila Bälle) blühen wieder. Ich mag diese zartlila Farbe gern. Diese Woche bin ich endlich dazu gekommen eine alte aber noch gut erhaltene Chinohose zu ändern, obwohl ich es eher mühsam finde, Bekleidung zu ändern, aber diese Hose war noch nicht reif für den Altkleidersack. Als Ausgleich habe ich mir noch was Schönes genäht: eine Sommershorts aus dem traumhaft schönen Stoff von Amy Butler's Gypsy Kollektion. Ich freue mich schon auf warme Tage an denen ich sie tragen kann! Und heute abend geht's mit Sammy zum Tierarzt für die jährliche Impfung. Darauf freue ich mich weniger aber es muß leider sein. Sammy und Molly kommen sich jeden Tag näher, aber Freunde sind sie noch lange nicht. Und was ist mit meinem Schal? Tja, nachdem Molly damit fertig war, waren die Lace-Effekt Löcher faustgroß - ein Fall für die Tonne ;-)

And how was your week? Anything special happen?

Und wie war eure Woche so?


  1. Lovely board, wonderful colors!!

  2. Great pictures Duni! I read Molly's little misadventure and whew, I admire your love and patience despite everything. If I were in your shoes, I would have cry cry and feel bad at first :D

    Anyway, I hope Molly and Sammy will soon become best friends :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh Duni, when I come home I always find some "paw mark" on my furniture,a loose thread from the sofa, and such, so I go over to my cat Mazzie and say to her "How was your day today my sweet?"..

  4. You're so calm! I probably would've yelled at the cat and then left the mess for a while and had a snack instead.

    Those purple flowers are so pretty. I didn't know what they were called until now. :-)

  5. Oh dear... Sounds like Molly had lots of fun, leaving you with quite a mess! Sorry about your scarf, you sure were calm about it, especially after all your hard work since March. I've had things like that happen with our dog... I have to be careful not to leave doors open with her around! Our puppy is sneaky too. lol! Keeping my fingers crossed that Molly and Sammy will become friends. :)

    Beautiful colors in your board.

  6. Good thing Molly is so cute :)
    Love all the pink and purple in your pics :)

  7. Love this board you put together! What a great way to list the things that happened/ got done. Have a wonderful weekend, Duni!

    Il Mare Atelier

  8. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    Oh no!!! That's really too bad about your project...especially since you'd been working on it for so long! But, at least you have things growing where others are waste;)

  9. I love all of the bright colors for spring! I hope that things go well with the vet.

  10. Ja, ja, die Katzen....
    Unsere ist im Sommer kaum Zuhause, ständig auf Jagt nach Mäusen usw. kommt nur alle 1-2 Tage kurz zum Fressen aber im Winter ist sie viel Zuhause und dann stellt sie auch schon mal etwas an :)
    Wunderschöne Blumen hast Du, hätt ich mehr Platz im Garten, würd ich sie mir auch pflanzen.
    Lieben Gruß und schönes WE!!!

  11. We bet Molly had lots of fun with her pink toy! Kitties are so cute we get away with anything! :) We hope all goes well with Sammy at the v-e-ts!

    Angel & Isabella

  12. uh oh, Molly is not getting off to a good start is she? I bet she sure had a good time though. I had a cat who did that once, had yarn tangled all around my dining room chairs, I think I ended up cutting it out it was so bad.

  13. Oh, no on the scarf! Bad kitty just wanted to play:) Or maybe she just wanted to help?

  14. Molly probably thought you made that scarf just for her! I think I would have cried. And cried some more.
    I had a good week with my daughter and granddaughter visiting twice.

  15. Tolle Wolle - freche Katze!

    ♥ Franka

  16. Sorry, i know it is not really funny but imagining molly with all the gorgeous pink wool made me laugh (probably because i have a lot of this kind of stuff going on at my house too, courtesy of the puppy :-) ).
    love all your pics, it is so nice to get an insight into your life!

  17. Bummer about your scarf, but it sounds like you handled it well. I love those purple ball flowers, lucky you that you have them in your yard. It sounds like you are going to have herbs all summer.
    Everyday Inspired

  18. Hehe! I always have to think like my cats so I do not leave anything out that may cause an accident. One of my cats drinks water out of glasses so I can not even leave a glass of water on the counter! Anything that is not a cat toy seems to be more interesting to our feline friends than their own toys.

    Pretty alliums! That is a bloom I would love to add to my yard.

  19. My cats hate each other too. What is with that? I mean, that is the only thing I ask of those two...just GET ALONG. Sheesh.

    I don't like mending or tailoring either. Boring. But nice when it's done, right?


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