Monday, February 21

Longing for spring...

Winter seems to be back in full force over here with freezing-my-toes-off temps of -5°C (23F) with a wind chill factor of -15°C. The spring fashion catalogues that have been steadily filling up my postbox entice with fresh new colours, floaty dresses and open-toed shoes. On blogs there are many signs of spring in the form of beautiful photos of daffodils, bellis and tulips. Our local gift shop has been stocking Easter decorations already!
Seems a bit unfair that I'm stuck wearing a thick fleecy jacket on top of a turtle neck together with wool pants and two pairs of socks!

Lately I've been feeling a bit guilty for neglecting my bags in so long, especially since I was approached by a local businessman the other day who is interested in stocking them in his brick-and-mortar shop. I've been reflecting on my goals yet again, and just realized that I have too many projects going on at the same time. Therefore the first lesson of the De-clutter your biz program couldn't have come at a better time (today!) to get me back on track. This program allows one week to accomplish the assignment before moving on to the next lesson. Perfect for training self-discipline and follow-through.
I received some good news concerning buying fabrics wholesale. The company approved me! My next concern is how to budget for tax on imported items (the fabrics are from USA). There is this complicated system called TARIC devised by the European Commission in Brussels (who else?!) that categorizes fabric by their fiber content. I need to go through this huge database to find the corresponding number which I will then need to submit to customs. Oh, what fun. NOT.

Meanwhile I'm working to fulfill a sleepwear order - which to me has top priority - and longing for a sign of spring...

For all sun-deprived people out there here's a gorgeous Etsy treasury called 'Spring is coming' by talented Etsy seller Yvette-Michelle of Verona Collections. If you can spot my item you will have an indication of what the prize will be in my upcoming giveaway!

Off to get my hot-water bottle...


  1. Spring. We NEED Spring. Warmth and sun. I am so sorry for your frozen toes. Here in Tennessee USA it has warmed up some and I am rejoicing. I hope it comes to you soon.

  2. Wow, this has a lot! I am also looking forward to spring but I think the worst of winter may have passed. I spied these gorgeous flowers sprouting in our yard which completely took me by surprise.

    Congratulations on the fabric order! I know that is a big step and what a pain about the stuff with customs. There were some gorgeous things I saw from Scandinavian and Asian designers but just did not want to mess with it--you are so much better than me!

    I was just thinking of your bags--So what did you decide? They are so gorgeous I hope you can continue with them.

  3. Spring is coming soon for you Duni.. just hang in there a wee bit longer. I tried the two socks thing while i was in winterland.. my toes still froze... hahahaha..

    lovely collections by verona.. i could spot your item anytime ;)

    take care and have a lovely week ahead!

  4. Sorry to hear it's still so cold there! We've finally gotten a bit of sun and weather in the 50s over this past week. But...there's snow forecasted for tonight! Ek!!! Longing for spring for sure.

    Congrats on all of the wholesale and brick and mortar deals! That's so wonderful for you! It does sound like you'll be swamped though. You do want the business, but that means so so so much sewing!!!

  5. I want spring too. I'm tired of being cold.
    That's a very pretty treasury.

  6. I think the ruffled shorts is yours. ;-)

    I live in a tropical country. So most of the time, it's like summer the entire year here. If you are looking forward for spring, most of my countrymen are looking forward for the cold seasons of December to January. Experiencing cold seasons is rare here.

    Good luck on your wholesale fabric venture. I know you can make it through :)

  7. We were feeling very Spring-y here but another round of cold air is on it's way. It won't be much longer though before Spring is here!

    Congratulations on the wholesale fabric approval! It's so exciting to watch your and Erika's journeys to success!

  8. Oo, is it the sleep shorts? So cute!

    We've been having weather in the 60s here... sorry! I know it'll get cold again, though- spring's not completely here yet.

  9. As I write this it is snowing again! Tomorrow and Thursday will be minus 25 C. I won'tbe seeing any signs of Spring until about May. But I am longing for it to arrive!

  10. P.S.- Thanks for commenting on my feature over at Saved By Love. It means so much that you guys leave your support for me all over the internet!

  11. The spring collection is FAB! Oh, how I want spring, but we still have a long way to go to get there. Ugh. It's snowing as I type.

    Hang in there, pally!

  12. I am SO ready for spring! Our record cold this winter has been -40F. Even the tank heaters in the water tanks could keep ice from forming when it was that cold. It is finally starting to warm up and its beginning to feel like Spring. We'll still get snow (could get it well into May) but at least it is warmer now!

    LOVE the Treasury!! What fabulous spring colors.

  13. Can't wait for spring! Lovely treasury that VeronicaCollections made and featured your beautiful flowery pajama pants!
    To answer you previous question. Nothing is settled! We are having a meeting on Monday, Feb. 28th. It may turn out to be quite a battle. I'll tell you on Tuesday!

    Take care!

  14. So I guess now is not a good time to tell you that it will be in the eighties here today! Wow, right? But, that is almost too warm...the summer will be sweltering if we are already reaching those temps. So, there is good and bad wherever you live on this earth, I suppose. But, I do hope it warms up a bit for you!! :(

    Thanks for the well wishes on twitter the other day. It has been a rough week, but I hope to be operating at 100 percent soon! :)

    Good luck with all of your business business! Sounds like a LOT that you have on your plate right now! But, You will do great!

  15. We just got dumped with a bunch of new snow last night. After the huge midwest snow storm I have to say I was ready for NO more snow. It's been snowing since November. I am very burnt out and would love to see the sun again. I have spring fever and bad!

  16. First of all, I am deeply sorry for my disappearance!!! I have truly missed you and your blog!
    Life has been crazy and it sounds like you are equally as busy. I do hope it warms up for you soon. I have been eyeing many of your items. When I get home next week, I plan to get back on track. Take care :)


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