Friday, March 27

Sewing 'bloopers'

Although I'm self-taught, I'd say I'm fairly adept at sewing (I started to handsew at 13). Plus my previous job in the textile industry offered a chance for me to get a close-up look at what goes on in professional design studios, i.e. grading and plotting. Grading is done on the computer where the measurements of, say, a blouse, are graded to range from size 34 - 46. The pattern is then plotted out on these huge sheets of paper, which are then used as a template on the fabric. At least that's how they did it back then. I also learned a lot about fitting from my good friend and professional seamstress Catherine. Knowing how to 'fit' a garment is what makes a great seamstress. When I moved out here I was lucky enough to get to know a fashion designer from whom I was able to learn all the little tricks that aren't found in any sewing books. I've been honing my skills ever since. Of course that doesn't mean I've always been sewing perfectly! Let me share with you how it all started: 1. my first project was a long-sleeved shirt: I mixed up the left and right sleeves when worn, movement of the arms is slighty inhibiting 2. next, I tried my hand at a pair of denim jeans: I mistakenly made the length of the crutch too short best not worn to Sunday lunch with the in-laws 3. then I made a fitted blouse: too bad the buttons and their respective button holes didn't match up note to self :do not ever wear to interviews

4. it was a friend's birthday, and I was really short of time, so I speedily made up a cosmetic pouch: pity the zipper pull ended up on the inside

only for people with agile fingers

Ahem, well. Learning by doing is my motto. And I never give up. Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL, Duni!!! Practice makes perfect, right?? :)

  2. Hilarious! I would love to see that shirt with the sleeves:) Well, at least it is funny because your bags are so cute.

    And I have done the inside out zipper thing, too!

  3. Haha, that's great! Well, at least you learned from your mistakes :)

  4. (laughing) Oh Duni! You just made me laugh so hard. My favorite blooper? The denim jeans! Ouch!

    ....oh, I can't stop laughing! Mr. Timeless Things just now said that he's married to a nut! I had to show him your post and he's glad you didn't make a pair of men's pants!

    Deanna :P

  5. HaHa! Glad I am not the only one :)
    Have done the arm thing before...changed it into a sleveless :P

  6. Very funny Duni! The first, and only, thing I ever made was a nightgown in high school home ec class and I kept turning the sleeve inside out. I ripped it out and did it over 3 times with the same result each time. I, unfortunately, gave up.

  7. LOL! I can't sew a lick (one of my sisters and I joke I got all the artistic ability except that one, which she got!), so I'd probably make all those mistakes and worse. I love the zipper one!

  8. You can it your a very talentful :)SUCCES!!!
    But from 'a long-sleeved shirt' thats soooo funny......... LOL

  9. Wow-- I'm sure you didn't find it quite so funny at the time, but it makes for a great story!
    And a great example to never give up!!

  10. I'm still terrible with sleeves! LOL...

    My grandma taught me to thread a needle at 5 or 6 and I worked some fabric a few times, figured out mending and left it alone. At 13, I made an apron in Home Ec. (on machine). When I was 15 or so, out of the blue, I grabbed up on some old clothes and used them for fabric to handsew new clothes.

    I figured out how to make things fit by doing it and using current clothes as templates...pretty soon, I was designing and reworking my own clothes.

    I don't have time to sew these days, but I have a long list of projects I haven't gotten to yet, lol. I'm decent enough with pants, but I think I'll always hate doing sleeves (I avoid it whenever possible and will work a design around having to do it, lol).

    I'm not surprised you've been sewing from a young age; it's obvious you know what you're doing. It's nice to see part of the journey you've made as a seamstress.

  11. LOL! Experience is a great teacher. My second sewing project ever was for a pair of wrap around shorts (don't ask!). I didn't pay attention to the fabric pattern and all the images of palmtrees ended up upside down. I just laughed and said it was because a hurricane had blown through! :D


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