Saturday, January 31

New site to showcase your work

One week in hospital and already I'm lagging behind in everything...emails, paper work, school stuff, orders. Help! I finally tackled the most pressing emails this morning. Glad that's done. Meanwhile, I was approached by Stacy of Us Trendy, a new site dedicated to promote up-and-coming designers/artists, to register and upload my work, which will then be featured on their frontpage! Members get to vote on other member's portfolios, and the items with the most stars/votes are then available for sale in the Us Trendy Shop. Today's inspiration...Tomorrow's trend - that's their slogan. The team also provide help in funding for your production processes and connect designers and artists to buyers and retailers. If you're looking to promote your work, this site is worth checking out!


  1. Looks like a pretty promising site, thanks Duni!

  2. Take care of yourself & get well! Everything else can wait. It sounds like you let yourself get into serious shape.

  3. Get well soon. Love your site. I'm a purse freak!

  4. Good luck Suni :-) Your work is so cute, there wont be a person that wont vote for you!

    Do they have a bath and body section too?

  5. Get well soon! Thanks for sharing the site. Don't work yourself out too much ok?

  6. Thank you for sharing, I will check the site :)

  7. Hi ladies,
    thank you all for your comments. I'm trying, really trying, to take it easy...which is not easy ☺

    Mea Culpa - They have a section for 'other', but I guess they are more geared toward fashion. Registering is free! So give it a try!

    Frustrated Writer - this site would be ideal for you. Go ahead and register; it's free.

    rkdsign88 - you can register in the 'art' section. That would be perfect for you!

  8. Hi Duni...feeling better?

    That is amazing..I think you should do it. I love your work!

    Deanna :D


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